National Longhorn Futurity Race

NLFR is new program rolling out in 2024. This will be total points gained in 2024 from participating futurities from across the nation. The awards will go to the High Point Heifer and High Point Bull, these will be the animals that earn the most points in 2024. The winning animals will be featured on the cover of the January Trails and January Drover. Each winning ranch will have an article in the magazines as well.

There is no charge to participate in the NLFR. We will be totaling and posting point totals below after each futurity. This will give you the chance to see points throughout the year.

This is a program from Huntington Sales, we're giving back to the industry. Contact us to be listed in the NLFR. We hope to include you in this program. 



How are ties broken? 
Ties are broken by the two judges that are thrown out. If there is still a tie, the animals are compared head to head with each judge. 

How are points accumulated? 
The score from the futurities will be totaled after the futurity. 

When do points start to accumulate and end? 
Point accumulation start January 1st and end December 31st.

What is the fee to be part of the NLFR?
There is no fee to be part of the NLFR.

What do the winners receive?
The winning animals will be featured on the cover of the January Trails & January Dover with an article on each winning ranch.

How do we participate in the NLFR? 
Futurity hosts can contact us to have their futurity added. 

All registered Texas Longhorns qualify